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Migrate SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Deployments

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There are different uses of the word "migrate" but in this context it refers to copying or moving your report server content and resources (shared subscriptions) from one report server to another. Common scenarios for this are... --> Upgrade: Upgrading your report server deployment, specifically you do not want to do an in-place upgrade but prefer to build out a new server environment with and migrate content from the old to new servers. --> Change Report Server modes: It is not possible to change an existing report server to a different mode, for example from native mode to SharePoint you can use the script to migrate your content and resources to a new mode. Common approaches to "migrate" include: 1) use script or a tool to copy items from one server to another. 2) Backup and restore databases that contain the report server items. The process is different for native mode and SharePoint mode.

04 Mar 2014


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