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Using the WebJobs feature of Windows Azure Web Sites

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Please go to which is updated more frequently. The WebJobs feature of Windows Azure Web Sites provides an easy way for you to run programs such as services or background tasks in a Web Site. You can upload and run an executable file such as an .exe, .cmd, or .bat file to your web site. However, most useful work that you might want to do requires a lot of complex programming. That's where the Windows Azure WebJobs SDK comes in: it provides a framework that lets you write a minimum amount of code to get common tasks done. The WebJobs SDK has a binding and trigger system which works with Windows Azure Storage Blobs, Queues and Tables. The binding system makes it easy to write code that reads or writes Windows Azure Storage objects. The trigger system calls a function in your code whenever any new data is received in a queue or blob. Use #AzureWebJobs for twitter and the tag Azure-WebJobs for stackoverflow.

17 Jul 2014


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