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Working with SQL Server Linked servers

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Linked servers provide a great way to access data from various types of remote servers or database including but not limited to SQL Server, Windows Azure SQL Database, Active Directory, Oracle, Access, etc. Running distributed queries via Linked servers configured to use Windows authentication is a common scenario in many customer environments. This topic provides some useful resources that can help configure the linked server and also troubleshoot some of the common errors that are associated with this setup. Note: If you are running into an issue that is not covered in this curation, you can find quite a few KB articles or blogs both on Microsoft and elsewhere using your favorite search engine and using a search string that would be of the following format Sql “Linked server” “<error message”> For example: sql “linked server” “Login failed for user” To qualify this further you can use: Sql “Linked server” “<error message”> site: – This will give you any KB articles related to the topic. Sql “Linked server” “<error message”> – This will provide links to various blogs posts on MSDN (replace msdn with Technet for Technet blogs) Sql “Linked server” “<error message”> site: – This will provide newsgroup postings on this topic.

22 Oct 2013


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